"If you are considering streamlining your processes to cut down time to market, you may want to consider the lean approach. I found the instruction during this workshop very clear and the discussions and exercises were particularly good and valuable." Ng Swee Yee, Head (Quality Management), IS Department -- Public Sector

Participant Feedback on our workshops

"I would be happy to recommend this workshop to others. The instruction in the workshop was very clear. I found lean management to be exceptionally relevant and useful for my company.
Leong San Woo, Operations Director -- Manufacturing Sector

"The workshop provided very good examples of lean. I took away a good understanding of what lean is about and how it is used. It brought about an awareness that improvements do not necessarily cost a lot of money, and that every improvement counts and helps to drive out big elephants (i.e. waste) from organizations".
Lee Seow Leng, Senior IT Manager -- InfoComm Sector

"Lean is a discipline that is very relevant and useful in today's economy. It addresses the paradox of cost and quality, proving that both can co-exist and complement each other to create value for the organization".
Eric Yim, Manager -- Public Sector

"The workshop helped to clarify the lean concept and how the lean tools could be used in the work environment. The instructor was clear and precise in his delivery. I would not hesitate to recommend this workshop to those who are new to the lean concept."
Lau Cher Meng, Manager Service Standards and Safety -- Travel & Transportation Sector

"If you are unsure about how to reduce costs without cutting your staff, this workshop will provide the answers. Lean is not about assessments or certifications. It is about cutting the waste in organizations and making real performance improvements. The answer to cost cutting and increased efficiency lies in lean management."
Albert Teo, Assistant Manager Treasury Settlements -- Finance & Banking Sector

"This is a very comprehensive course on lean. I now have a much clearer picture of what lean is all about and how it can apply to my organization."
Charles Johannes, Software Engineer (Process Office) -- Travel & Transportation Sector

"The workshop is an excellent follow-on session to the Lean Management Workshop. Through an intensive case study, the LEAN principles and theories were better explained and understood."
CPT Lim Tse Ping -- Aerospace Sector

"Thanks for providing this course. It was a huge learning curve for me, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the interaction with so many professionals from different fields."
Karen Bek, Project Manager Pharmacy Automation -- Health-Care Sector

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