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Embracing Lean & Six Sigma Principles







Eagles Wings is a Lean Managemnt and Lean Six Sigma training, coaching and consulting firm advising clients in Singapore, Asia and beyond on strategies to strengthen their competitive advantage by becoming leaner and adopting lean management and six sigma principles and practices. We help clients take forward steps to become high performance businesses by applying lean management and lean six sigma concepts, principles and methods through continuous improvement.

Our Vision

Transforming Businesses and Touching Lives by helping clients to:

  • Take next steps towards becoming a lean enterprise
  • Further energize their businesses by harnessing the full power of their workforce using Lean Management and Lean Six Sigma
  • Develop their valuable Human Capital within their companies to the fullest using Lean Management and Lean Six Sigma concepts and principles

Our Mission

We advise our clients in Singapore and Asia on strategies to become high performance companies by leveraging Lean Management and Six Sigma practices and principles, and by building a corporate Lean Thinking culture that drives and sustains continued improvement of their businesses.

Company Philosophy & Values


We want to positively impact our clients businesses in Singapore, Asia and beyond and make a difference for our clients to help them achieve their goals and be successful.


We work with our clients in Singapore, Asia and beyond to introduce Lean Management and Lean Six Sigma concepts, ideas, tools and new ways of doing business to fully motivate, invigorate and leverage their Workforce.


We keep an open and honest relationship with our clients and work in the best interests of our clients.