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Embracing Lean & Six Sigma Principles







Lean & Six Sigma Principles are embraced by organizations who have a desire to drive relentlessly towards becoming leaner and becoming a provider of quality products/services. These principles are timeless and are the cornerstones of operational excellence.

We provide services and education related with Lean & Six Sigma to help organizations deploy and embrace lean thinking with six sigma quality and to assist them in transforming their organizations to become faster and more agile; to improve the quality of their products and services; to eliminate waste and reduce costs as a result; and to increase the involvement of their employees in improvement efforts resulting in higher morale.

The lean principles developed by Professor James Womack and Professor Daniel Jones include:

  • Specify Value – define value from the standpoint of the final customer
  • Identify the Value Stream - The entire set of activities needed to design and produce a product/service must be thoroughly understood and mapped out
  • Flow - processes are made to flow (without interruption)
  • Pull - Organizations must be structured so the customer can pull value from the producer
  • Perfection - The whole enterprise must pursue not its competitors, but rather perfection