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Embracing Lean & Six Sigma Principles

Profile of Founder - Robert Oh

Robert Oh is the founder and principal of Eagles Wings - a lean six sigma consulting and training firm based in Singapore.

His wide ranging experience includes global and regional leadership positions in industry. He has over the last decade been closely involved with providing lean and lean six sigma consulting and education services to clients to help them improve their processes and organizational performance. His engagements have brought him to the US, Europe and Asia Pacific. His lean process improvement experience extends from areas as diverse as customer service to software development, air travel catering services to supply chain logistics, from manufacturing to maintenance repair and overhaul services.

He holds an MBA and a degree in Electrical Engineering. He is passionate about lean and it is his hope that enlightened organizations will leverage lean to its fullest potential to keep ahead of the growing competition around them. As a Thought Leader on the subject of lean he speaks at conferences and contributes his ideas, views and concerns to business and technical publications. He is a consultant, educator and researcher of lean and lean six sigma.