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Eagles Wings is a lean management consulting and education firm. Lean Management is also known as Toyota Production System (TPS). We conduct executive management, middle management and employee seminars and workshops to provide insights and understanding into lean thinking and lean methods.

We coach and develop your employees who have the potential to become your lean leads. These seminars and workshops may on request also be customized to fit the client's industry and background. The seminars and workshops assist management to quickly learn lean principles and practices in preparation for lean deployment in their organizations.

Lean Management (also known as Toyota Production System) - Executive Overview

  • What participants say about this executive overview:

    "Becoming leaner, and to do more and more with less and less is the main focus and driving imperative of LEAN Management. This also fits into what my job in the SCDF strives to do. In the introductory presentation of LEAN Management, Robert shared with passion and provided valuable snapshots of the various tools available for our use. I found the session useful, and believe that LEAN Management has something to offer and benefit those intending to pursue organisational excellence."

    Maj Chan Keen Mun, Assistant Director Planning Department, HQ SCDF


    "Lean management is a logical process in terms of operations."

    Mega Shuen, Deputy Director, Operations, NUH